Date: 5 December 2003
Place: Room D2, The
Gap State High School

The meeting commenced at 8:30pm.

Andrew Robinson, Stuart Wilson, Brian Willcock, George Flitcroft-Smith, John Curran, Peter Hiller, James Hiller, Harvey Quaresmini, Ray Adams, Marty Chadwick, Debbie Jenkins.

Previous Minutes
Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read and accepted.
Proposed: Ray Adams. Seconded: Harvey Quaresmini.

Management Committee Reports


President’s Report

The President, Andrew Robinson, presented the attached President’s Report.
<< Link to
President’s report >>
Accepted. Proposed: James Hiller. Seconded: Peter Hiller.

Secretary’s Report

The Acting Secretary, Stuart Wilson, presented the attached Secretary’s Report.
<< Link to
Secretary’s report >>
Accepted. Proposed: Brian Willcock. Seconded: Harvey Quaresmini.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer, Stuart Wilson, presented the attached Treasurer’s Report.
<< Link to
Treasurer’s report and Balance sheet 2002-03 >>
Accepted. Proposed: Marty Chadwick. Seconded: Brian Willcock.


DOP’s Report

The DOP, Andrew Robinson, presented the attached DOP’s Report.
<< Link to
DOP’s report >>
Accepted. Proposed: Harvey Quaresmini. Seconded: Stuart Wilson.


Equipment Report

The Equipment Officer, John Curran, presented the attached report.
<< Link to
Equipment officer’s report >>
Accepted. Proposed: Brian Willcock. Seconded: Stuart Wilson.


Junior Club Report

The Junior Club Report attached. Accepted.
<< Link to
Junior club report >>
Proposed: George Flitcroft-Smith. Seconded: Brian Willcock.



Election of office bearers for 2004


Andrew Robinson handed the meeting over to Ray Adams who chaired this part of the meeting. All positions were declared vacant and the following office bearers (in bold text) were elected. If no vote is recorded the office bearer was elected unanimously.

President: Andrew Robinson
nominated Stuart Wilson, seconded George Flitcroft-Smith


Vice President: Stuart Wilson
nominated Andrew Robinson, seconded James Hiller

Secretary: Debbie Jenkins
Proposed: Debbie Jenkins
nominated Ray Adams, seconded Stuart Wilson

Proposed: Peter Hiller
nominated James Hiller, seconded John Curran

9 – Debbie Jenkins
0 – Peter Hiller
2 – Abstain

Treasurer: Stuart Wilson
nominated Andrew Robinson, seconded Brian Willcock

D.O.P: Andrew Robinson
nominated Brian Willcock, seconded Stuart Wilson

Public Relations Officer: Marty Chadwick
nominated Andrew Robinson, seconded Debbie Jenkins

Catering Officer: Harvey Quaresmini
nominated James Hiller, seconded Peter Hiller

Equipment Officer: John Curran
nominated Stuart Wilson, seconded Ray Adams

C.A.Q. Delegate: George Flitcroft-Smith
nominated Stuart Wilson, seconded Andrew Robinson

C.A.Q. Delegate: Brian Willcock
nominated Ray Adams, seconded Andrew Robinson

Junior Co-ordinator
Brian Willcock suggested a motion be held at the February 2004 Committee meeting to elect a Junior Co-ordinator.

Committee Member: James Hiller
nominated Ray Adams, seconded Brian Willcock

Committee Member: Peter Hiller
nominated Ray Adams, seconded Brian Willcock.

Following these elections, Ray Adams handed the meeting back to Andrew Robinson who chaired the balance of the meeting as the new President.



General business


Honorary Auditor
Beth Abbott has indicated her acceptance to continue in the role of Honorary Auditor. She was nominated from the floor and her nomination accepted and it was carried unanimously. The Treasurer asked to send her a letter of appreciation for her services in the past.

Tournament rule changes
Four changes to the Tournament Rules were proposed at the meeting. Three were circulated prior to the meeting <<link to Proposed rule changes>>. One was tabled at the meeting.

Flood Cup – Change to time controls (rule 13)


From: Rate of Play: First 40 moves in 100 minutes; 20 minutes added for each subsequent 10 moves.
To: Time controls: 1 hour, plus 1 extra minute added per move (from move 1).
Proposed: Andrew Robinson. Seconded: Harvey Quaresmini.

Proposed amendment to the motion: Ray Adams
Ray Adams expressed concern over significantly shortening games. He argued that historically clocks were introduced to prevent timeless games that could go on forever. he said that clocks were not intended to turn chess into a race.

Proposed Amendment: 80 minutes + 1 minute per move (from move 1).
nominated Ray Adams, seconded George Flitcroft-Smith & Debbie Jenkins.

Vote to amend Flood Cup proposal to Ray Adams’ suggestion:
7 yes
3 no
1 abstain
Amendment accepted.

Vote on the proposed rules change to the Flood Cup (with Ray Adams’ amendment).
6 yes
3 no
2 abstain

Allegro – Change to time controls (rule 3)


From: Time limit: 15 minutes per player to complete all moves.
To: Time controls: 10 minutes, plus 10 extra seconds added per move (from move 1)

8 yes
2 no
1 abstain
Motion carried.

Lightning – Change to time controls (rule 4)


From: Time limit: 5 minutes per player to complete all moves.
To: Time controls: 3 minutes, plus 2 extra seconds added per move (from move 1).

Amendment: 3 minutes, plus 4 seconds per move.
Proposed: Ray Adams. Seconded: George Flitcroft-Smith.

Vote to amend Flood Cup proposal to Ray Adams’ suggestion:
4 yes
4 no
Amendment not accepted.

Vote on the original proposal.
4 yes
4 no
Motion not carried.

Outcome: The original time controls for the Lightning Tournament of 5 minutes per player to complete all moves remain.

Lightning – Change to single round robin.
Proposal that the official lightning tournament be a single round robin. In addition, the tournament be held a few weeks prior to the Queensland State Lightning Championships.

Proposed: Ray Adams. Seconded: James Hiller.

Harvey Quaresmini spoke against the proposal detailing various objections. Other club members supported Harvey’s views.

2 yes
7 no
2 abstain

Motion Defeated.

St David’s Day Cup

Proposed by Brian Willcock. Brian offered to donate a trophy toward a St David’s Day tournament. He argued this is entirely appropriate as the majority of Gap Club players are Welsh.

Vote: The motion was carried unanimously.

Details of this new tournament will be considered at the next meeting of the club committee.

The Gap Open
Andrew Robinson: Argued that this tournament usually runs at a financial loss. In addition, the tournament requires a 3 day weekend, often making it difficult to find a D.O.P.

Stuart Wilson: Suggested that the Queen’s Birthday weekend would result in too high costs involved to run the tournament.

Brian Willcock: Expressed concern for the future of the Gap Open. Questioned whether the tournament would be considered in future years.

Andrew Robinson: Will advise the C.A.Q there will be no Gap Open in 2004.

Proposed: Andrew Robinson. Seconded: Brian Willcock.

10 yes
1 abstain

Club Fees
Andrew Robinson proposed that the committee meet to discuss club fees.


Proposed: Andrew Robinson. Seconded: Harvey Quaresmini.


Carried unanimously.


The meeting closed at 9:30pm.


Next A.G.M.
One Friday evening in December 2004.
Date: to be fixed.
8pm on a Friday night.
Place: Room D2, The
Gap State High School.