Treasurer's Report                30th September, 2003



This year has shown once again that the Club’s finances are in a sound position.


The junior section showed a surplus of $166.90 largely due to lower coaching costs due to absences of our regular coaches at times throughout the year. This has resulted in a falling off of students so that revenue in the latter part of the year has declined considerably. At the present rate this section would run at a deficit of $260.00 per month. I recommend that we examine this closely next year and take necessary action to avoid such losses.


In October 2002 we held our annual Western Suburbs Junior Championship at The Gap Village and showed a surplus of $210.37. A lack of commitment from the parents’ committee for the juniors has resulted in this tournament being abandoned this coming October. This is a pity as this event is a valuable asset for both recruitment and funds.


The senior section has enjoyed good attendances this year from an enthusiastic membership. The revenue gained from night fees has enabled us to purchase 10 new digital games timers at a cost of $909.00.


The balance at the end of the year of $1273.41 shows a deficit of $56.04 after all income and expenditure has been taken into account.


Stuart Wilson


The Gap Chess Club Inc.