20th October 2003



The club wisely invested in 10 new digital clocks at a discounted price. An 11th clock went to Harvey Quaresmini who had helped the club financially in the past. We took delivery of the clocks in August 2003. There was one digital clock already in the cupboard which brings the club’s total number of digital clocks to 11.


Our club has a surplus of analogue clocks which probably won't see much use anymore.


All of the boards and piece sets are in reasonable to good condition. The boards have been counted. The piece sets have been individually counted and missing pieces added to make complete sets.


I have this year’s equipment list in a folder, which may be viewed by club members upon request.


Special thanks to Stuart Wilson and Ray Adams for their help in counting this year’s equipment.



John Curran, Equipment Officer.

The Gap Chess Club Inc.