Junior Club Report                   22nd October 2003


The junior section of The Gap Chess Club has had many ups and downs over the past ten years of its existence. This has been due to the variations in attendance patterns which are often unpredictable.


During the second half of 2003 the club’s junior section has been in decline due to problems associated with providing coaching to all of the juniors. This has been as a result of one of the coaches having ongoing health problems.


Due to an alarming drop in the number of children attending, a meeting to determine the future of the junior chess club was held on 17 October 2003. It was decided at this meeting that the club will continue to operate with Max Leskiewicz providing coaching to both groups until the end of 2003. Previously the arrangement has been for Max to instruct the more advanced children, while Nikki Jones looked after the beginners. I will still organise a tournament night approximately one week in four.


Max has advised me that he will be able to continue teaching until at least the end of the first term in 2004. At this time he will assess how he can fit in chess with his other commitments. On the second Friday night of first term 2004 there will be a meeting of parents and supporters to discuss how the junior club will be run during 2004. Of paramount importance will be the encouragement of parents to be more involved with the administrative side of the juniors, including the organisation of events such as the Western Suburbs tournament.



Andrew Robinson
The Gap Chess Club Inc.