Report – 17 December 2003


Interclub v Northside CC


The Gap CC paid a return visit to Northside CC tonight at Nundah State School. Northside had managed to win 4-2 at the last meeting when The Gap fielded an under strength team (see report 30 May 2003).


The first thing to be decided was the teams, and with Harvey and Brian eligible for both teams it was left to Northside to choose who they wanted. Amazingly team captain and uberfuhrer Richard Hixon chose Mr Willcock. Harvey ended up being paired with Brian Kublik, however Mr Kublik did not appear so Harvey ended up playing late comer Steve Quick.


On board one The Gap welcomed back John Fortin who had to use all his wile gained over decades of facing Canadian Grandmasters to wrest a half point off Queensland under 12 champion Daniel Anderson. Daniel actually held the initiative from early on, and both players missed some half chances, but agreed it was a fair result.


Andrew played Northside stalwart Col Tapsall on board two. Col had won this year’s Northside lightning championship and showed why by playing all his moves in 12 minutes against 35 for his opponent. Col was aided by forgetting his glasses giving his opponent a reason to accede to his request not to record moves. Black held the initiative in this game after giving white the worst case of a bad bishop in history (outside the recent scandals in the church). However black underestimated white’s caution and failed to capitalise on the advantage (this would never happen in a club tournament where you know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses!).


Board three saw George turn a drawish situation into a win for good against evil and the slaying of the evil traitor Brian Quisling Willcock. (Writs should be served before the commencement of the first game. Clocks will not be stopped for this purpose).


Harvey had an amazingly quick win on board four against Steve Quick. The quickness was all the more amazing as Mr Quick was board one for Northside in May, and has won their Hour and Rapid tournaments this year.


Board six and seven both lost (James seemed to indicate that he was heroic in defeat, but the better man on the day had won etc etc).


This brings us to the decider – the odd game on board five. Ray got into time trouble and was consequently flustered. Then he managed to get the better of the endgame and was about to mate when Richard called stalemate. Ray accepted this at the time, but then looked at the position again and claimed he was swindled. Richard came over, saw the final position, and said Ray was right. ‘You win then’ he said. Everyone seemed happy with this (except Mr Willcock of course!).


So strictly according to the rules of chess this should have been 3.5-3.5 perhaps, however no scoresheet was signed and the players and team captains seemed happy enough with an Adams victory. So 4-3 to The Gap it was! Victory is ours!! (not wanting to strike too triumphal a tone in these circumstances…)



Results (Gap player in bold)


John Fortin ½ Daniel Anderson ½

Col Tapsall ½ Andrew Robinson ½

George Flitcroft-Smith 1 Brian Willcock 0

Steve Quick 0 Harvey Quaresmini 1

Ray Adams 1 Richard Hixon 0

Raoul Phillips 1 John Curran 0

James Hiller 0 Stephen Daniell 1



Quote of the night:

“I’m feeling more like a Shewag (sic!!) than a Dravid” - James Hiller (or course!)



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