Tribute to Harvey Quaresmini

by Andrew Robinson


This tribute was originally written for Harvey's funeral on 6 May 2009 and is reproduced here with slight editing.


I have known Harvey since 1993 through our long association with the chess club. Harvey was an enthusiastic and popular member of our club, stretching back to 1978 when he first joined. His contribution to our club has been immense, and his presence which was constant over three decades will be greatly missed.


His style of play over the chessboard was very solid and methodical, reflecting his approach towards life. Harvey's consistency and reliability made him a pillar of the club for many years. Attendance at our club fluctuates from year to year, as it does with most sporting clubs, but even in the leanest years there were three players we knew we could depend on to always turn up on a Friday night: Doug Foster, Stuart Wilson, and Harvey.


Harvey's kindness, gentleness (for he was a big man), and his honesty — almost innocence — were qualities that touched us all. Complications in his life took him away from the game and the companionship that he sought and loved. We probably all expected that Harvey would return to our chess club one day. And so it is hard to believe now that he will not be walking though the doors of our chess club again; to play a few games, to share a few jokes, to discuss the chess scene - past and present.


His passing has been untimely. Our club will be poorer, and we will be sadder, for his passing.