Report – 14 August 2012


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


After missing last year’s encounter when Samford did not have the numbers, The Gap once more travelled to Samford in mid-August.


John Ryland’s account:

It was a good night at Samford. Overall result was 5-1 in favour of The Gap Chess Club.

I was a bit late but still got inside before 8pm, bit hard to see the  school entrance in the dark but Greg arrived just before me so was able to show me where to go.

Games kicked off at 8pm. The alarms went off in  the middle of the games but were disabled soon.

No time controls were used and there were no scoresheets. I think Ray and I were the only ones to record moves.


Neil Lossberg represented The Gap on the bottom board as Samford had seven players to match the five of The Gap.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Tony Howes 1 Andrew Renton 0

Bob Beeley 0 Martin Laizans 1

Greg Colwell 1 Rob Joyce 0

Zoltan Vasahelki 1 Ray Adams 0

John Ryland 1 Ray Wilson 0

Brian ? 0 Neil Lossberg 1



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