Report - 28 January 2011


Prize Night Tournament - Handicap Lightning


Prize Night

The night commenced with the presentation of prizes to tournament and trophy winner for 2010. There was wild applause when Russell Lyons' win in the Maiden Trophy was announced.


Handicap Lightning Tournament

The Handicap Lightning tournament started tonight with a preliminary round in 2 groups. Eleven players entered. The groups were drawn at random. The top two in each group progressed to the semi-finals.


The handicap system is based on a system of handicaps awarded on playing strength. The handicaps are determined by rating, with 2000+ players having a zero handicap ('playing off scratch'), 1900-1999 having a half point handicap, 1800-1899 1 point etc, down to a player under 799 has a 6.5 point handicap. Before each game the difference between the 2 players' handicaps is calculated, with the lower rated player having 5 minutes in the game to make all moves. The higher rated player is allocated 5 minutes minus the handicap difference (but must have at least one minute). For example, if the difference is 1.5 then the higher rated player will receive 3.5 minutes to make their moves.


Jim Petrie attended the prize ceremony but was unable to stay for the tournament.


Group stage


Results in the group stage were as follows.


Group A



Debbie Jenkins



Tony Howes



Greg Colwell



Russell Lyons



Peter Hiller



John Ryland




Debbie was a reluctant entrant but topped the group beating Tony and only losing to Greg.


Group B



Kieran Lyons



Nathan Shaw



Andrew Robinson



James Hiller



Ray Adams




Kieran sailed through the group undefeated. Nathan beat Andrew in the crucial game when his opponent overlooked a check. James surprised Ray by winning on time as Ray found one minute not enough time when James had five. James was mistakenly given a handicap of 6.5 instead of 4.0 which gave him an advantage he has not previously had.



Debbie Jenkins - Nathan Shaw 1-0

Kieran Lyons - Tony Howes 1-0



Third Place Match

Nathan Shaw - Tony Howes 0-1



Debbie Jenkins - Kieran Lyons 0-1


Kieran won on an illegal move.




5-8 Classification

Semi-F Andrew Robinson - Russell Lyons 1-0

Semi-F Greg Colwell - James Hiller 0-1

5-6 Match Andrew Robinson - James Hiller 1-0

7-8 Match Greg Colwell - Russell Lyons 1-0


9-12 Classification

Semi-F Peter Hiller BYE

Semi-F Ray Adams - John Ryland 1-0

9-10 Match Peter Hiller - Ray Adams 0-1

11-12 Match John Ryland BYE




Further information:

Past winners of the Handicap Lightning tournament (with index to past tournaments)

Results of tonight's tournament in are presented here in detail.



After the tournament

Newcomer John Ryland played in his first competitive chess competition and performed admirably without managing a win, unaccustomed to playing with the clock.

Against Ray he seemed to have a win on time looming with a queen to rook advantage, until his king was unfortunately mated in the middle of the board by Ray’s cunning positioning of pieces.

Afterwards John played James and scored his first win at the club.


Some photos from tonight's action

Kieran holding the Stuart Wilson Trophy she shared with Andrew last year

Nathan Shaw winner of the Lightning Tournament in 2010

Russell Lyons winner of the Maiden Trophy

Russell Lyons vs Greg Colwell

John Ryland vs Debbie Jenkins

Kieran Lyons vs Nathan Shaw

View of the playing area

Debbie - playing Kieran in the final

Kieran - winning the final against Debbie

Nathan having a joke with Tony before their third place play-off match

Ray Adams and Peter Hiller in the play-off for ninth place

Greg beats Russell to win seventh place. John plays James in the background

Nathan showing the pain of failing to realise a fourth consecutive third place finish in this tournament




Quote of the night

'We're the Bryan brothers, not the William sisters' - James upon arrival with Peter.


'There will be wild celebrations at the club when we get the new key to the toilet' - Ray on an issue of ongoing concern



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