Report – 11 August 2009


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


Six players showed up for The Gap making an even fit with the six Samford players. Phillip Kirkman was a late withdrawal, but Cameron De Vere unexpectedly showed up to make up the numbers. Samford was missing Andrew Renton and Ray Wilson but was still able to field a strong line-up. Played commenced at 8:10pm after everyone caught up on the past 12 months.


Marty showed that being away from competitive chess was no hindrance, his victory being the first to be completed, shortly followed by the in-form Ray. Cameron gave two pawns for a strangulating position which forced Zoltan’s resignation giving a clean sweep to The Gap with white. Greg had the better of a draw with Hans and missed several half-chances to consolidate his position into a winning advantage. After some early queenside attacking by Bob, Andrew hit him on the counter with all pieces well positioned. A pawn gained in the centre was consolidated by advances pieces in a queen and rooks endgame for a comfortable win. Debbie was the main casualty on the absence of clocks (The Gap overlooked bringing them). The timeless format suited Rob, and with the game still in a queen and rook endgame at 10:30pm a draw was agreed.


Samford is keen to play the return fixture that was missed earlier in the year. It is likely Samford will travel to The Gap on a Friday in November.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Bob Beeley 0 Andrew Robinson 1

Ray Adams 1 Neil Lossberg 0

Hans Arnold ½ Greg Colwell ½

Marty Chadwick 1 Robert Ryan 0

Rob Joyce ½ Debbie Jenkins ½

Cameron De Vere 1 Zoltan Vasahelki 0


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Quote of the night

You can’t take that pawn” – Cameron

“But I want to take that pawn” – Zoltan


“I miss the mullet” – Ray to Marty (seemingly based on a suspect memory)

“It’s a men’s breakfast” – ditto



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