Report – 12 August 2008


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


The Gap went to Samford with a contingent of six players, and as Samford had ten players, we borrowed two players to make an even eight games. Usually The Gap always comes through on the top boards, however tonight’s chess saw a different story unfold. The top three boards all went to Samford and it was only wins by Mark and two juniors Thomas and Mathew that saw The Gap salvage a draw and avoid a first defeat to Samford. The first game of the night to finish was Thomas’ win (with Mathew’s soon to follow) while Ray’s game was the last to reach a result. Games were played with DGTs, one hour guillotine with the recording moves being optional.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Andrew Renton 1 Andrew Robinson 0

Ray Adams 0 Bob Beeley 1

Rob Joyce 1 Greg Colwell 0

Mark Taylor 1 Robert Ryan 0

Hans Arnold 0 Thomas Robinson 1

Mathew Colwell 1 Siegfried Freidel 0

Steven Smith 0 Ray Wilson 1

Neil Lossberg 0 Zoltan Vasahelki 1


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Quote of the night

“It went against the grain” – Ray Wilson commenting (in northern English accent) on his feelings about winning for The Gap.



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