Report – 23 March 2007


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


Samford had borrowed two players from The Gap to complement their small field of three players. The “ring-ins” both lost and in the end it was a comfortable night for The Gap with Samford only winning board one thanks to the efforts of their new president Zoltan.


In addition to the players involved in inter-club Joe Tarnawski, James Hiller, Greg Colwell & son Mathew and Andrew Robinson were also in attendance tonight (oh, and a cameo from Alex Toolsie who got his Flood Cup night mixed up). All play was in the main room adding to the social atmosphere of the night. Samford players did not record their moves (as is their usual custom), and games were played at 60min/10sec.


One game was completed within 15 moves. Neil Lossberg – Ray Adams 1 e4 e6; 2 e5 d5; 3 d4 c5; 4 c4 Nc6; 5 Nf3 cxd4; 6 Nxd4 Nxe5; 7 Qa4+ Bd7; 8 Qb3 Nc6; 9 Nxc6 Bxc6; 10 cxd5 Qxd5; 11 Bc4 Qxg2; 12 Rf1 Qg4; 13 Bb5 Bb4+; 14 Nd2 Bxb5; 15 a6 Qe2#. This is still four moves longer than the 11 move Robinson-Shaw game of 23 August 2005 <game>.


The mystery is that the Willcock-Curran game finished before the Lossberg-Adams game.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Zoltan Vasahelki 1 Cameron De Vere 0

Garvin Gray 1 Robert Ryan 0

Neil Lossberg 0 Ray Adams 1

Brian Willcock 1 John Curran 0

John Roper 0 Mark Taylor 1


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Quote of the night

“Not for Samford!” – Cameron’s curt response when asked if he wanted to participate in the interclub fixture.


“You Samford traitor you” – Mark’s jesting reference to his opponent John Roper.



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