Report – 15 August 2006


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


The Gap once again ventured out on its winter expedition to Samford to meet the local club in an interclub match. The Gap was well represented with eight players travelling and no need to borrow players from Samford.


After the early finishing games Samford took the lead, but The Gap recorded good results in the final games to conclude (Debbie, Ray and Mark) to once again win, but not by too much.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Gabriel Boross 0 Tony Howes 1

Andrew Robinson 1 Robert Ryan 0

Andrew Renton 1 Gordon Powell 0

Ray Adams 1 Bob Beeley 0

Ray Wilson 0 Debbie Jenkins 1

Cameron De Vere 1 Digby Shaw 0

Stephen Smith 1 Shane Martin 0

Mark Taylor ½ Hans Arnold ½

Neil Lossberg 1 Greg Colwell 0


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Quote of the night

“I’ve never had a totally healthy man…” – Debbie, who went on to explain how frustrated she gets with the comments of her male chess victims.



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