Interclub v Bullwinkle Chess Club 31 March 2006


Photos from tonight’s action.


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Board 1: Debbie Jenkins – Chris Hardy



Board 2: Ben McPhee (white) – Ray Adams (black)



Board 3: Mick Waters – Michael Van Pelt



Board 4: Craig Stewart – Garvin Gray



Board 5: Cameron De Vere (white) – Karina Mowles (black)



Board 6: Kieran Lyons – Shane Martin



Board 7: Mark Taylor – Regina Grenfell



Board 8: Michelle Mowles (white) – Tim Johnson (black)



Flood Cup: Marty Chadwick (white) – Tony Howes (black)



Friendly games: John Curran – Stuart Wilson



Kieran confident



Intense concentration



Long view of the playing area



Long view of the playing area



Black to move



Mick records a move



Kieran ponders her next move



Garvin & Craig in a more relaxed pose



What will Cameron do next?



Tony sits side-on to see a different perspective



Shane considering his next move



Mark sensing the inevitability of his situation



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