Report – 23 August 2005


Interclub v Samford Valley Chess Club


The Gap won a closely fought match thanks to a dramatic final board victory by Ray Adams on Board 2.


The first game to finish was the game of the presidents with Andrew completing an eleven move checkmate against a stunned opponent. To give him due credit, Digby had remained undefeated to that point in interclub games, and played much more cohesively in later friendly games.


Mark Taylor achieved what was arguably his best chess result to date with a draw against Gabby on top board. Gabby had a positional advantage controlling most of the board, however Mark came up with a move that turned the tables and caused Gabby to sue for peace.


Debbie had a small advantage in her game but couldn’t push through for victory and had to settle for a draw. Another draw occurred on Board 4, in a game that seemed unlosable to Garvin after Zoltan had earlier miscalculated an exchange and lost a piece. With a position that at one stage was Garvin with a knight and three pawns against three lone pawns, Zoltan somehow contrived to escape. Marty scored an important victory on Board 5, while the two players loaned to The Gap from Samford both lost.


The final game to be settled on the night turned into the decider with the other games resulting in two wins apiece and three draws. There were chances on both sides with Bob having a chance at gaining a rook advantage when he had two minutes remaining. After this chance was missed time was always going to be an issue in the 60 minute guillotine format. Bob had a last flurry of checks, but eventually his attack ran out of momentum, and with Bob being a piece down following a sacrifice, Ray was able to steer The Gap to victory.


Results (Gap player in bold):


Gabriel Boross ½ Mark Taylor ½

Ray Adams 1 Bob Beeley 0

Andrew Renton ½ Debbie Jenkins ½

Garvin Gray ½ Zoltan Vasahelki ½

Ray Wilson 0 Marty Chadwick 1

Neil Lossberg 0 Robert Ryan 1

Hans Arnold 1 Robert Panovsky 0

Andrew Robinson 1 Digby Shaw 0



Quote of the night

“Well, that is a first that Ray ever won a game on time. Let me shake your hand!” – Gabby.


“Would you like a coffee and a friendly?” – Zoltan

“No” – Garvin



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