Report – 3 June 2005


Flood Cup


Result of play-off match:

Phillip Kirkman 1 Tony Howes 1


Phil won the Flood Cup for the third time with a convincing victory. With white, he intentionally played a sharp opening that would make a draw unlikely, giving a pawn for positional advantage. After the early moves Phil had attained superiority and was able to prod at Tony’s defensive weaknesses. Tony eventually lost through a blunder, however his position was suffocating and this pressure was what induced the mistake. This continued Tony’s run of near misses and he sure to break through soon.



One Hour Tournament


Round 1 result:

Peter Hiller 1 Ray Adams 0


Peter provided the first upset of the One Hour making a mockery of calls from some to divide the tournament into divisions. Ray had his chances with a fork missed early on that could have gained him a piece. In the end Ray’s demise could be attributed to a combination of Peter’s careful plodding style that usually takes care to avoid error, with Ray’s inability to quickly adapt from the Flood Cup to the new One Hour time controls.



Quote of the night

“Why don’t you win against people like Brian Wilcox (sic) instead of me?” – Ray to Peter



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