Report – 21 May 2004


Interclub v Northside Chess Club

The Gap won a closely fought battle with Northside by the narrowest of margins, winning three games to two. After an hour Andrew and Stuart Holt had comfortably won their games and Stuart Wilson and John had comfortably lost theirs. This left the focus on Ray, as is traditional in these interclub meeting due to the fact that ‘he takes his time with his moves’. Ray eventually had too many pawns in the endgame and overcame Steve who had early delighted Ray by bringing a ‘sticky bun’ (for those not present, you can only guess!).


Northside had the services of Mark Riley who more regularly attends the Brisbane club, rarely attends The Gap, and never attends Northside, but was elected as a temporary Northside member for two hours. Ted Brown was playing in one of his first competition games and did well to overcome veteran Stuart Wilson. Richard Hixon played like he had a bus to catch and had a lost game when he had less than five minutes used on his clock. Raul was never in the game against The Gap’s rising star Stuart Holt. All games were played with 60 minutes on the clock for each player.


There was an unscheduled match that started 30 minutes after the other games between James Hiller and Harvey (who Northside can claim as a member, being affiliated with both clubs). Fortunately for The Gap, the ICC did not recognise this game as official, and so The Gap carried the day.



Results (Gap player in bold):


Andrew Robinson 1 Richard Hixon 0

Steve Daniell 0 Ray Adams 1

Stuart Holt 1 Raul Phillips 0

Ted Brown 1 Stuart Wilson 0

John Curran 0 Mark Riley (a ring-in!) 1


Quote of the night

“I’m so out of touch. I haven’t looked at The Baggy Green since this morning” – James Hiller, aghast that he was not aware of the cancellation of the Zimbabwe-Australia test series


“Your bowling action is only legal in Sri Lanka” – Andrew Robinson, to James


“… but you haven’t seen me bat! I played for the lawyers against the politicians…. I was bowled for a duck” – James Hiller



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