The Gap Chess Club


Junior Championship – 1995


The following report appeared in The Western Echo (December 1995, page 37)



The Junior sections have just held their end of year championships, the main award being won by David Franklin with an amazing performance (he is in the under 8 group) winning 5 of his games, and drawing one with Tom McCourt from the under 12’s. Watch your back Stephen Solomon (Queensland Champion and International Master).


Results were:


Overall Winner: David Franklin (under 8’s)


Under 16: 1st Bjorn Roelofs, 2nd David Julius


Under 12: 1st Tom McCourt, 2nd Alyssa Lang, 3rd Lachlan Gardiner


Under 10: 1st Evan Calford, 2nd Michael Gillett, 3rd Geoffrey Lang


Under 8: 1st Robyn Gillett, 2nd Alexander Huckel, 3rd Bronwyn Calford


Under 6: 1st Kieran Lyons, 2nd Peter Gillett