President's Report


17 November 2007


The year 2007 has been a moderately successful year for The Gap Chess Club. Attendances have dipped through the year, although there has been a revival as we head into the warmer months. Club membership remains quite high with 30 financial members on the books, including 7 junior players. On a positive note, many of our current members are enthusiastic and involved and regularly attend regardless of whether there is tournament play.


The general success of the chess club can be attributed to several factors:


The committee for 2007 initially comprised of seven but suffered from two members leaving the club for geographical reasons and another resigning for work reasons. This caused the club’s administration to be left largely in the hands of the president and the treasurer. It is hoped that the 2008 committee will consist of those who are able to regularly attend the club during 2008.


Others outside the committee also contribute enormously to the club and should be acknowledged. Ray Adams often opens up the club and closes it as well. He will usually be seen volunteering to do the unpopular job of cleaning up at the end of night. I would like to thank Ray for his contribution.


Another task that Ray and others perform is welcoming new players. I encourage our members, particularly the experienced players, to engage with new arrivals to our club, whether over the chessboard or in conversation. Often the first night experience will determine whether someone comes back and becomes a regular club member. Please take the time to chat with new members and have a few games with them if this is possible.


Publicity is important to gaining new members who ensure the continued health of the club. Anecdotal evidence shows that most of our new members are attracted to the club through the Western Echo chess column and our club website. Tony Howes wrote the chess column during most of 2007 and performed the task admirably. Thanks to Tony for his efforts. Further ideas for promoting the club are welcome, particularly if you are prepared to undertake some of the legwork to carry them out!


In conclusion, 2007 has been another good year for the club, and I look forward to another good year for the club in 2008.


Andrew Robinson
The Gap Chess Club Inc.