Treasurer's Report


30 September 2006.


The clubs finances are in a sound position with revenue continuing to exceed expenses. It is always possible that we could face a rent rise and so we may have to increase the fees in that case. For the foreseeable future it does not seem necessary.


Some of the assets of the club such as clocks are showing signs of hard use but most of the assets are in a sound state.


The club very much relies on the trust and good will of members to ensure they pay their night fees and various membership fees. Chasing up fees is not a pleasant task and so we appreciate prompt payment when they are due.


On behalf of the club I would like to publicly thank our auditor Beth Abbott who continues to volunteer to audit the club’s finances simply for the public good that it does.


Finally I would like to express my appreciation for the sound state of the finances and the comprehensive systems I inherited from Stuart Wilson. I realise now how much he has done over the years so that we can all enjoy our chess.




Mark Taylor


The Gap Chess Club Inc.