Publicity Officer’s Report


31 October 2006


During 2006, the club’s external publicity has successfully attracted new members. The club membership now stands at 30 and this is chiefly through the success of the club website and the “Chess T Minit” column in the Western Echo local newspaper. For most of 2006, Marty wrote the monthly column for the Western Echo, and added a few extra attractions such as the “quote of the month”, usually from a Grandmaster (which makes these quotes far more authoritative than the “quote of the night” that appears on the news pages of the club’s website!)


Marty summed up his role with respect to the Western Echo column well in his report from last year: “Our free column in the Western Echo publication continued over the last 12 months. The aim of the article, for the readers who aren’t aware of our presence on the web, is to portray a club that has personalities, history, and drama over the chessboard. The reader is also presented with an interesting chess puzzle and a quote of the month to ponder.”



Andrew Robinson (acting for Marty Chadwick)
Public Relations Officer
The Gap Chess Club Inc.