Secretary's Report


29 October 2005


In March this year our club held a meeting with an attendance of 5 members. At this meeting all activities of the club were examined and reports from the Secretary, Treasurer, D.O.P, Media Officer and Equipment Officer were received and approved.


In July this year the Gap Chess Club moved from rooms D1 & D2 to our new premises in rooms B4, B5 and B6. This was due to removal of desks in rooms D1 & D2 making it uninhabitable for our purposes.


We welcome 5 new members to our club this year. Mark, Shane, Tim, Mick and Zoltan. These players compliment the club nicely with their approach to chess as an entertaining and educational experience.


Traditionally, our club has strived to maintain a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. All of our tournaments are conducted to the highest standard, with all FIDE rules of play adhered to. However, in the interest of most players, the majority of our tournaments are unrated thus providing for friendly “no-pressure” competition. There is a strong focus on improvement, with our members assisting each other on their road to chess mastery.


Debbie Jenkins


The Gap Chess Club Inc.