Publicity Officer’s Report


23 October 2005



Due to the limitations of our club’s webserver, it has proved impossible to upgrade the functionality of the games page on our website. For now, the ability for the user to move pieces for post-game analysis is a pipe dream.


The games page received 63 submissions this year which is a fantastic participation rate over our two major tournaments and it made for some memorable moments which will add to the club’s already rich history.


The overall appeal of the club website was able to attract the attention of two chess players in America, and they paid us a visit during their time in Australia. Special thanks goes to Andrew for maintaining the appeal of The Gap Chess Club on the internet.


Our free column in the Western Echo publication continued over the last 12 months. The aim of the article, for the readers who aren’t aware of our presence on the web, is to portray a club that has personalities, history, and drama over the chessboard. The reader is also presented with an interesting chess puzzle and a quote of the month to ponder.


Our interclub friendlies with Samford Valley and Northside chess clubs continued this year with The Gap again winning all three encounters. These results may have led to the challenge proposed by Bullwinkle, a chess club founded by Jacob Edwards. Due to the distance involved however, the Gap declined the invitation.



Marty Chadwick
Public Relations Officer
The Gap Chess Club Inc.